Hi! Welcome to our About Us page! 

To tell you a bit about us, we are a family of five!  We love animals of all kinds, but we especially love the ones on our farm. We have goats, rabbits, chickens, and ducks! Of course we have cats and dogs as well, and even a snake!! All of our children are in 4H and two of them actually show some of our animals. 

Very simply, it all started with a few ducks as a birthday present! From then on we've just had to have some sort of animals at the house. So....we went to an auction looking for more ducks, and ended up with chickens too, because we could't believe how cheap the chicks were going for. And if that wasn't enough, we acquired rabbits from the auction as well! Our farm was growing quite rapidly!

Then we made the decision to purchase some goats. We dove into goat care head first and we have come a long way! We started with goats for fun, and now we are in it whole-heartedly! We have five registered Nubian does, four of which have kidded this year. Between the four, we have nine kids and still one more doe to kid this year. To make sure they are getting enough nourishment, we bottle feed our babies until its time to wean them. As soon as all of the kids are weaned, and the milk becomes our own to use again, we will start to make soaps, lotions, and things of that nature.

Our main goal in life is to become self-sustaining so that we can have as much free time as possible, as well as more time to spend with each other.

Now, you might be wondering where our name came from, so, read on and I will tell you a short story. Once upon a time, Ian and Kaitlin were dreaming of owning their own orchard. It was a beautiful orchard with acres and acres of fruit trees, as far as the eye could see. They began to wonder what fabulous name their orchard would have. They also envisioned an entrance with an awesome sign across the arched entryway shouting out this glorious name. As they continued to dream, the realization began to set in that they didn't actually have an orchard, or even the acres to put one on. As they sat there in their sadness, an idea came to them."What COULD we grow on our small plot of land?" they said to each other. Then the idea came to them like lightning from heaven! What about an organic garden. "We could grow many different vegetables that are healthy and good for us!" Kaitlin said. "We could sell our extra vegetables to the good people of the village." said Ian (always thinking of providing for his family) "It's settled." they both said. Now, of course, they decided to have some animals so they wouldn't just have a garden, but they could be a farm too. Of course, this brought us back to their first dilemma of what name they would use. Since it would no longer be an orchard, it needed to be a name with Farm or Garden after it. Of course, they couldn't agree. Kaitlin said "I think it should be called "Kaitlin's Glorious Garden." Ian said " No, I think it should be Farmer Ian's Vegetable Farm." After many days of brainstorming, which included many headaches as well as quite a few arguments and fist fights,(just kidding), They tried using terms like "Wholesome Foods" or "Organic Foods" but that didn't seem very friendly. Jokingly Kaitlin said that maybe we can use part of both our names. Well, that wasn't a quick and easy solution either, but at least they agreed it might work. Finally, after trying at least a dozen mashed names, one name seemed to click. They decided on Katian. They knew it wasn't totally like Kaitlin's first part of her name, but it seemed to be less confusing dropping the letter i. Since they are surrounded by hills, adding the word Hills just seemed to fit. They also decided to use Farm and Garden in the name. When all was said and done, the name agreed upon was KATIAN HILLS FARM and GARDEN! It's such a beautiful name!" said Kaitlin. "We done good, Ma." said Ian. So, they all lived Happily Ever After!! THE END!

Well, I hope you enjoyed our story. Thank you so much for stopping by to visit us!! Keep up with all our news by frquently checking out our blog for updates.We hope to see you again soon, and don't forget to visit the Contact Us page and let us know what you are thinking. Please don't hesitate to ask any question! If we don't know the answer, we will try to find it for you.

Farmer Ian and his Wife