Saturday, May 12, 2018

We're still here!

Hey everyone! We've been super busy on the farm lately. We finally had our last goat kid arrive on April 15 and a couple of weeks later we had a kit of bunnies born! We had 7 of them live and we are so excited about it! We also added 5 geese to the farm and they are already nesting. We have several duck eggs in the incubator and we expect most of them to hatch out.

Almost all of the vegetables, and fruits for that matter, are planted and up already. They are all ready to go into the ground and we haven't even broken the ground yet! Most likely my mothers' day will be spent gardening if it doesn't rain here. I love this time of year. Its the time when there is no time! We never watch TV during the late spring and summer months because we use all of our free time working outside with the animals or the garden. Its normally time for bed by the time we sit down to relax.

We have had so many additions in the last month and so very many more to come soon! I hope you keep coming back to see us and don't forget to visit us at the Mt. Hope swap meet on May 18th an 19th. We have much to sell there and it really is such a fun atmosphere. Until next time, take care and thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Keep checking!

Hey everyone, just wanted to shoot a quick update in here. Please keep checking us out as we are still under construction. There are many cool, new things to come to this site and you won't want to miss it!! We have a ton of stuff going on right now with lots of new babies and many more to come soon. Make sure you come see us at the [Mt. Hope Auction - Mid Ohio Swap meet on May 18,19! We'll be set up with a bunch of the animals we offer! I can't wait to meet some of you!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Welcome to the Katian Hills Blog Page

This is our first post. We hope you enjoy our website and we hope you keep the comments coming.